Senior Collector

Senior Collector

Marietta, Georgia

Job Responsibilities

  • This position is responsible for the collection, via manual dialing, of unpaid consumer debt or 3rd party merchant receivables in a call center environment.
  • These debt amounts may be larger than those assigned to the Collectors.
  • These debts may have also been through a period of collections efforts by the Collector group.
  • Senior Collectors will be individually assigned consumer or merchant debt inventory and be held accountable for collection performance based on departmental assigned targets.
  • Senior Collector debt assignments are typically larger amounts making the collection performance and goal attainment critical to Department goals.
  • Collects accounts in compliance with applicable regulations and internal performance standards so as to achieve a pre-set goal objective.
  • May utilize credit reports and other skip-tracing information to collect on accounts.
  • Provides daily coverage of all accounts until payment arrangements have been made.
  • Documents all discussions and actions in collections system or database.
  • Complete special projects as assigned.

Scope of Job

Must maintain a collection performance goal as outlined at the beginning of the measurement period. May be held to additional performance measures.